Top 5 Tips for Wedding Dress Shopping

Give yourself time, time and more time…

1. Before you even start hitting the shops, think about the style/theme of your wedding, is it in a church? The time of year, summer v winter wedding? Go online, flick through wedding dress magazines, look at photos from your friends and family weddings. You may not know the style you are looking for yet, but I bet you know the dresses you know like.

2. Become familiar with wedding dress terms i.e. necklines, trains, veils, off the shoulder, empire line etc

3. Set a budget and stick to it

4. Count back from your wedding date…how long does it take a dress to be custom made, altered or buy off the rack

5. The big moment…try it on. Bring your mum/ aunt and only closest friends you trust.

Trust yourself, you need to feel comfortable wearing it all day. Happy wedding dress shopping!