Just back from a gorgeous wedding, as you unpack you noticed your dress has a stain. You spot dry clean on the label but what to do?

Is it a guideline? Can I ignore it or will I ruin my dress?

  • Firstly read the label, does it say dry clean only or dry clean? If it stated only, head off to the dry cleaners as soon as possible. If it states dry clean, it is highly recommended.

Still you are unsure, next consider the fabric and cost of the dress. Remember it may not be because of the he fabric you are bringing the garment to the dry cleaners, has the dress beading or sequin that needs special care and attention.

What’s in a symbol?

Remember the symbols – a circle symbol is dry cleaning. If there is a letter in the center, it indicates the solvent which can be used or indicates professional wet cleaning. There could also be lines on the side of the circle to indicate moisture, heat, steam and duration of cycle.